The farm is about 15 minutes’ walk fromNew Hiram’s Highway – Ho Chung Road entrance. Click here for general Google map and refer to our photos below for exact direction.


1. At Hang Hau (坑口)  Station, take green minibus #101, or at Choi Hung (彩虹) Station, board green minibus #1 or KMB bus #92

2.  After 10 to 15 minutes on the bus you will pass through a traffic circle (Nam Pin Wai 南邊圍) then cross the Ho Chung River. Immediately after the river is the Ho Chung bus stop (opposite Marina Cove 匡湖居). Alight from the bus here.

3. Walk back to the traffic light and turn right. You will see Che Kung Temple (車公廟). Walk along Ho Chung Road keeping the river on your left. After a few minutes (before the road turn sharp right),  you will see a footbridge on the left with signs for Pei Tau and Shui Hau Village. Cross this footbridge.


4. You will go UNDER an aqueduct. Shortly after the aqueduct, you will see a junction of 3 paths. Take the right path and go UP the hill.


Before aqueduct                                                                                                After aqueduct

5. You will see different farms on this path. Keep walking up for about 10 minutes until you come to a long brick wall on your left. When you come to the end of this brick wall, you are at Milk & Honey. Look for our Milk & Honey Organic sign on the gate.


Brick wall on left                                                    Almost here!                                                 Entrance gate to our farm



Take Hiram’s Highway north towards Sai Kung town. Turn left at the traffic light (Che Kung Temple 車公廟) and drive past Ho Chung Village. Shortly after the right turn, you will see a no-charge parking spaces. You can park there and walk back to the footbridge, then follow the directions as for MTR/bus passengers.



If you walk down the mountain on the Wilson trail, then turn off the Wilson trail on Tai Lam Wu Road (大藍湖道).  You can take a SOUTH gate, which takes you down a short flight of stairs and on a path through the forest, where you can see an old mill. You turn right when you join the stairs from the north exit and keep going down the valley.


Tai Lam Wu Rd (South Gate from South)               Tai Lam Wu Rd (South Gate from North)


Down this stairs and turn right, keep going downhill

If you take the NORTH gate from Tai Lam Wu Road, then you go down a long flight of stairs that turns into a path. Keep following the path down. Keep left at a path that turns off to a village. When you come to a big rock in the path keep right. Shortly after the rock, you reach Milk & Honey.


Tai Lam Wu Rd (North Gate)                    Down this stair and keep going downhill


Bear right on these junctions                                                                                             Almost here!